Catastrophic Injuries

catastophic-injuriesLegal help for those suffering from debilitating, life-altering, or life-threatening side effects, resulting in continuous medical treatment, hospitalization and rehabilitation.

We put our maximum effort into handling claims with these types of injuries.

Usually, multiple experts are required: a life care planner, a qualified economist, a medical/disability expert and more. Typically, these types of injuries include amputations, brain injuries, death, severe burns and organ loss. Medical care is often required for the remainder of the victim's life and the present value or cost of that care must be calculated by a qualified expert and laid out for the jury.

Unfortunately, most defendants who cause catastrophic injuries don't even carry enough insurance to cover the true value or cost of these liabilities. That's where   Medicare/Medicaid and the interplay of Social Security Disability benefits come in. The complexity of applying for these benefits and how they can affect your injury award is often overwhelming for the average victim.

Don't attempt to handle this type of complexity on your own.

Matthew Newborn can help you get the best financial recovery possible to help you achieve a better post-injury quality of life.


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