Slip and Fall Injuries

slip-and-fallRepresentation for slip and fall injuries or premises liability claims, resulting from accidents occurring on improperly maintained properties.

Juries are the least sympathetic to these kinds of cases, especially in New England. That's why proper legal and medical preparation is mandatory! The insurance company will say that slipping and falling was all your fault. We don't let them get away with that.

With our help, you can be prepared to deal with these defenses and will be in a better position to launch the appropriate offense! The most important thing is to obtain pictures of the   ice, stairs, railing, lighting, etc. as soon as possible after the accident. Taking pictures of a parking lot in July and claiming to have fallen on a patch of ice in January is not very convincing to the jury. The pictures will be much more effective if they are taken under the same weather conditions, at the same time of day as the original injury.

Pictures of the mechanism causing your fall are worth a thousand words and can become worth thousands of dollars!


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