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Personal injury occurs when an individual is wrongfully hurt, whether by accident, workplace injury, or a product defect.

All personal injuries are unique. Everyone heals differently, taking a different amount of time to recover. Unfortunately, some people NEVER completely recover. We make sure they get the compensation they deserve.
I can help you to evaluate the most difficult aspects of your claim such as pain, suffering, loss of consortium and future medical expenses.

Further, I also advise you with the increasingly difficult aspects of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Set Aside agreements and Workers Compensation.
While you are dealing with your physical injuries, I will guide you to the right doctors with expertise in the specific medical field that you need to address for your individual damages.
Due to financial burdens, I negotiate your liens, your medical bills, protect your credit, and fight for you until the very end, and sometimes beyond.
When you're injured and it's more than you can handle, I'm here to help.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you or someone you know been injured after a car or motorcycle accident?

Car Accidents

Motorcycle Injuries

Personal Injury Claims and Litigation for motorcycle accident victims. Motorists just don't see motorcycles!

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Workers Compensation

If you've been injured on the job, you'll quickly learn that this is a highly adversarial process, complicated by forms and rules.

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