Dog Bite and Animal Injuries

dog-bitesCompensation for losses, medical bills and loss of income due to injuries or disfigurement from dog bites or animal attacks.

In many jurisdictions, the owners of a dog that bites someone are "strictly liable" for the injuries caused. This makes the initiation of a claim fairly easy, but proving damages is another story. In other jurisdictions, proving negligence of the dog owner is required in that it becomes necessary to show that the owner had previous malice and that the dog was dangerous.

We document each case with extensive photographs obtained early and often throughout the course of healing. Don't wait to have these pictures taken because often many of the teeth marks (and bruising) disappear with time.

We also have clients consult with a   plastic surgeon to document any scarring with regard to its permanency and future costs to repair.

Proper preparation and explanation of damages yields vastly superior results at the time of settlement, mediation or trial.

Another significant aspect of these claims which is often overlooked is the "fear factor" of coming in contact with dogs. This is a very normal   post traumatic response, but usually requires several weeks or even months of counseling to overcome. This must all be properly documented through qualified professionals in order to validate this aspect of the injury and obtain   fair value for damages in these types of cases.


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