Medical Negligence

medical-negligenceLegal help to patients who suffer serious injuries or death because of medical negligence or malpractice.

These cases are a lot trickier than they might seem. They're more expensive and time consuming than any other kind of case.

Before any suit is filed, we make sure that we have obtained an expert medical opinion with respect to the issue of substandard care. This can take time and a significant amount of money, which we advance in the right cases.

These "pre-suit" opinions are very expensive and often difficult to obtain. Still, it is a critical step in the progression of these cases

. Doctors never intend to cause someone harm but their negligence can cause life-altering changes to the patient (and their families), and cost thousands if not hundreds of thousands in unnecessary medical expenses.

Costs advanced by us can run well into the thousands of dollars even before suit is filed! These cases are   highly technical medically and require a great deal of research and preparation. It's the cases that are "shocking" that usually go forward to a successful settlement or verdict. Doctors and medical providers are getting better at protecting themselves from liability every day. You may have already signed a detailed   informed consent form that could severely limit or eliminate the prospects of your claim from going forward.

Even so, if you feel that the doctor or hospital's conduct was "outrageous" or "grossly negligent," it may well have been, so where's the harm in finding out?

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